Hotel Praha Potštejn has a rich history and a promising future. Building no.40 which is the seat of the hotel was built in about 1870 during the boom of the weaving industry in Potštejn.

The building was a part of textile workshop which was founded with the support of the Empress Marie Terezie, by the owner of the manor Jan Harbuval-Chamaré. Later his son Antonín took it over. On the ground floor of this building was storage and handling space. On the first floor was a large room in which cloth used to be weaved on several looms. During the first half of the 19th century the weaving industry in Potštejn gradually declined due to the competition of modern factory production which led to a significant boom mainly in the Czech borderlands.

At this point a married couple called Rubeš, who had a grocery shop on the ground floor, bought this building. Later they were granted an innkeeper licence and the former weaving shop on the first floor was converted into a hall where theatre plays used to be performed and dancing parties, concerts and academies used to take place. The inn used to be called ‘U Rubešů’.